Printable 5-Day School Lunch Plan + Recipes

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With 9 school months in the year and 5 school days in the week…that adds up to 180 inventive, healthy, child-friendly lunches! Today’s Back To School printable, courtesy of our friends at MOMables, features 5 days of easy, healthy, prep-ahead school lunches, along with recipes and a shopping list! (Each recipe includes gluten-free options.)

Now you’ve got 5 days covered…only 175 to go! MOMables Printable Lunch Menu

What’s your go-to kids’ lunch?

  1. Posted by Christine |

    Will you have more of these? This was fantastic! I would spend money on a membership for 5 days a week idea evry week!

    • Posted by Jennifer |

      I agree!!! The ideas are great and what I love even better is the shopping list!!! Simplify :)

  2. Posted by Beth |

    My daughter starts school next week, so we are going to do a test-run of the pizzadillas today for lunch! Great idea!

  3. Posted by J |

    Love this! More please!

  4. Posted by Latrice |

    I love coming up with lunch ideas. My daughters favorite is when I let her mix up her own trail mix, rolled up salami, crackers and cheese. We always add in a fruit or veggie as well. She love carrots, broccoli or apple slices best.

    Thanks for even more fun things to add to my list. I’ll be linking this to my blog post. Love you guys!!!

  5. Posted by Renee P. |

    Check the MOMables website – so much fun info there! Glad to see it here c/o Kiwi Crate.

  6. Posted by Amanda |

    None of these are healthy. They either have tons of sugar or tons of fat. Yuck.

  7. Posted by Spring |

    Thank you for these!!! I can’t wait to make them all. Love everything absolutely amazing products.

  8. Posted by Brett Elizabeth |

    I know this is an older post, but the link to the allergy free waffle mix no longer seems to be working. Did anyone get that recipe? Please email me back if you did! Thanks.

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