10 Sensory Art Projects For Kids

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Ready to stimulate your child’s creativity…and senses? Try these hands-on art projects! They all involve interesting, textured materials, from yarn to fabric to aluminum foil. As a great bonus, you’ll pick up some new and classic art techniques.

Foil String Art

Foil String Art

Explore shape and texture with shiny aluminum foil and bright watercolors!

Rain Paintings


Leave your masterpiece out in the rain? Try it! The rain turns everyday paintings into impressionistic masterpieces.

Fabric Owl Collage


Fabric scraps make a wonderful owl collage (or any other design). Try combining wool, cotton and other textures.

Suminagashi: Marbleized Painting


Use this Japanese technique to make beautifully-marbled paintings out of paint and water!

String Roller Printing


Cardboard tubes to the rescue again! Combine them with string for a fun stamping project.

Broken Crayon Collage


Does that image look familiar to you? Print out a child’s favorite characters to make brightly textured art that uses up broken crayons!

Tape-Resist Birch Trees


A creative use for buttons! A few pen strokes turn a simple tape-resist painting into beautiful birch trees.

Canvas Painting With Kids


Painting on “real” canvas is a special thrill for kids. Plus, canvases are easy to hang when they’re done.

Pom Pom Mosaics


Just adding a shape turns pom poms into mosaic art! Make sure to vary your pom pom colors for maximum interest.

Yarn Self-Portrait

Yarn Self Portrait

Just a few yarn ends are all you need to create fun self-portraits! Be sure to keep a mirror handy so kids can get inspiration.

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