DIY Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make


For kids, the holidays can be more about receiving…than giving! Making gifts is a great antidote: sharing handmade gifts with others can reinforce lessons of gratitude and unselfishness. From cards to snacks to pretty candles, the results will do kids–and you–proud.

Handprint Wrapping Paper: There’s nothing cuter than little hands and feet! The grandparents, aunts, and uncles will love this personalized gift wrap, and they’ll look forward to it every year.

Quilled Christmas Tree: Quilling is one of those fantastic arts that is so pretty and showy, but is simple and can be done beautifully by children.

Peppermint Bark: Only 3 ingredients, including white chocolate and extra candy canes. So easy to make, you may want to give it as gifts just to get it out of the house!

Holiday Snack Crackers: Holiday Snack Crackers are the kind of snack mix you can’t stop eating — add oyster crackers and spices, mix up, stir, and bake. Great to bring to parties or to snack on while watching holiday movies. Tip: add cayenne for a spicy grownup version!

Scrapbook Paper Christmas Tree: Teach kids how fun it is to send and receive Christmas cards, and use up scrapbook paper scraps to make cute trees.

Snow Globes: You really can make these at home! Grab little toy figurines from the dollar section or craft store, or keep mementos from vacation. They make really cute, inexpensive personalized gifts.

Coffee Bean Candles: These are great to give to family and friends over the holidays! Just store-bought candles, coffee beans, and glue. They smell really good even when they’re not lit.

  1. There are some really great DIY ideas here. I think I could incorporate some of them for birthdays instead of Christmas ( considering its just gone by). Thank you so much for inspiration.

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