10 Spring Cleaning Tips from Soap.com

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As Spring approaches, here are some of helpful tips and tricks to help your household welcome the new season.

1. Make Spring Cleaning Affordable

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10 Spring Tips for Kids

2. Get the Kids Involved!

10 Spring Cleaning Tips with Kids
Teach responsibility at an early age and delegate age-appropriate tasks to everyone in the family. Take a cue from Mary Poppins and turn on some music to keep spirits high. Transform your wood floors into a skating rink by using Pledge Dust Cloths as “skates” and see who can collect the most dust bunnies! Don’t forget to plan a special treat, like Annie’s Homegrown Snack Mix, to celebrate the teamwork.


3. Game Time!

10 Spring Cleaning Tips with Kids
Continue the fun and make tidying up into a game. Have your kids take turns leading a game of Simon Says to sort all the scattered toys. Simon Says…“Gather the dolls!”, “Stack the books!”.


4. Scrub-a-dub-dub

10 Spring Cleaning Tips with Kids
Now that all the toys have been gathered together, think about which ones might need a good scrubbing or disinfecting. That stack of LEGOs? Try soaking them in a mixture of mild soapy water with Method’s gentle hand soaps.


5. Closet Make-Over

10 Spring Cleaning Tips with Kids
With warmer weather right around the corner, it’s time to swap out the sweaters for the t-shirts. Be sure to clearly label your storage baskets when storing away winter goods so when you’re looking for your favorite pair of fuzzy earmuffs, it’ll be easy to find.


6. Giving Back

As your family sorts through seasonal clothes, think about the last time those ill-fitting sweaters were worn. Try to remember the 1 year rule — if it’s been over a year since the item was touched, perhaps it’s time to think about donating it to charity.


7. Green is the new Black

10 spring cleaning tips
With so many companies embracing green and natural products, it’s easy to find eco-friendly alternatives to everyday household cleaners. Next time you need to restock, consider trying out something new from Soap.com’s “Natural & Organic” selection.


8. The Three R’s

10 Spring Cleaning Tips with Kids

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Make recycling easy for your kids. Every city may have different rules, so look up your local waste and recycling center to see what products are eligible. Print out the list and hang it by your trash bin as a simple reminder. Here are some easy recyclable household products from Soap: cereal boxes, water bottles, and soup cans.


9. New Years Spring Resolutions!

10 Spring Cleaning Tips with Kids
It’s already March and that means New Years resolutions may have been made and forgotten, but encouraging good habits can be trendy all year round. Whether it’s trying out a healthier snack, going for a jog in the morning, or remembering your vitamin gummies each morning, new habits doesn’t have to mean a life-altering change. Try taking baby steps to a happier, healthier you!


10. Chart It!

10 Spring Cleaning Tips with Kids
Use chore charts to assign tasks for everyone in the family. Try creating your own or use this kid-friendly printable to pass out tasks and recognize accomplishments.


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