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Here are a few of our favorite projects for you and your family to enjoy this Summer!

Kiwi Crate Textured Paint Collage
Kiwi Crate Textured Paint Collage
A great way to explore color and texture with your children.

Paint with Your Feet!
Paint with Your Feet
This is a messy, BUT fun way to create unique and BIG pieces of art.

Kiwi Crate Family Game Night
Family Game Night

Enjoy some quality, family time with this crate full of fun activities.

Water Balloon Yo-Yo
Water Balloon Yo-Yo
Anything involving water balloons is a big hit during the summer. This is a different way to yo-yo, that’s for sure!

DIY Sundial
DIY Sundial
Explore how sundials work with this easy project.

Wonders of Water
Wonders of Water
Exploring the ocean and sea has never been this fun!

  1. Posted by candice duffey |

    We loved Ocean Wonders!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 We are still creating add ons 😀

  2. We just received our first box in July, and we absolutely love it!
    We will be staying for sure!!

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