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  1. Posted by Christen |

    My son was so excited to get a new pair of scissors! He spent about 15 minutes just cutting the welcome card. Then he discovered the blue glasses and ran around saying “the lights are blue,” “the chair is blue,” etc. Seriously just those two items entertained him for 20 minutes. Great work!

  2. Posted by Tammie |

    My daughter loved getting mail with her name on it! She first designed a stained glass window. After she was done, she picked out stickers from her own collection to carefully decorating the frame.

  3. Posted by Jami |

    Once he got over the fact there wasn’t a live bird in the box, my son was mesmerized by all the materials, exploring them thoroughly for a good 10 minutes after opening the box. He finally decided to make a stained glass window, and spent lots of time cutting and arranging. He was so proud of his creation and couldn’t wait for his dad to come home so he could give it to him. We still have 3 or more projects to make! Excellent quality!

  4. Posted by Vivien |

    When I heard about Kiwi Crate, I knew I had to sign up! We’ve been so pleased with the Colors projects. It’s encouraged creativity in unexpected ways! My daughter decided to do a little mixing and matching between the projects. She took the colored film from the stained glass window project and cut it up to place on the tops. So fun!

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