10 Educational Indoor Projects for Kids


When the weather has closed the door to playing outside, help kids find their stride inside. Whether it’s too hot, cold, or damp, kids will appreciate channeling that restlessness into fun hands-on indoor projects that keep their brains and curiosities engaged.

Fluorescence with Glow-in-the-Dark Bouncy Balls (Ages 7-16)

These bouncy balls are a favorite for playing games once ready, but also do a good job of opening up a conversation on UV light.


Geometry with Felt Tangrams (Ages 2-9) 

Practice on basic geometry by exploring how rectangles, triangles, pentagons, and hexagons collide to make a wonderful work of art.


Thermodynamics with Flying Teabags (Ages 7-16)

The flying tea bag experiment is a similar concept to a hot air balloon. It’s the perfect way to get hands-on with the power of hot and cool air.


Chemistry with Erupting Apples (Ages 3-6)

Get an impressive display of chemical reaction with some vinegar and baking soda. This project can get a little messy, so make sure you clear a surface. We used the little pool from the Kiwi Crate Water Wheel project to contain the fizz.


Optics with the Water Bottle Lantern (Ages 9-16)

A great homemade night light for kids who love to tinker. Discover water’s amazing power to disperse focused light.


Simple Mechanics with Flying Bird Toys (Ages 5-16)

Experiment with the mechanics of levers by making these fun and cute bird toys for your room. Take the concept and try a couple of other critters as well!


Crystallization with Egg Geodes (Ages 9-16)

Have you ever grown your own crystal geodes? Experiment with different borax concentrations and see how big your crystals can grow.


Motors with the Spinning Homopolar Motor Sculpture (Ages 9-16)

Grab some magnet wire, magnets, and batteries to make a rotating sculpture.

Literacy with the Seek-N-Find Alphabet Tube Game (Ages 2-6)

This take on hide-and-seek is a great tool for getting kids to love learning and practicing their letters.


Language Arts with Story Cards (Ages 3-9)

Weave oral tales with this printable set of 30 story cards. This activity will help them practice composition for their writing, as well as public speaking.


What projects do you love doing on a day indoors? Share your favorites in the comments below. :)


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