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What you need: A juice box or milk box, a straw, scissors, tape, paper (for the sail), crayons or markers

What you do:

  1. Start by gathering your supplies (see list above.)
  2. Punch two holes - for the masts - into the juice / milk box with your scissors. (This is probably a grown-up step.)
  3. Cut your straw into 2 pieces -- these will be the masts for your pirate ship.
  4. Place your "masts" into the holes you made in the "ship".
  5. Cut out your sail.
  6. Decorate your sail with crayons, markers (or whatever you like).
  7. Tape the sail onto the masts.
  8. Set sail!

Questions to explore:

  • Why do you think a juice box (or a milk box) works well as a boat?
  • Did you know that sailing ships have as any as 4 masts? Why do you think some ships have more masts?