Growing Gardens | Sandpaper Garden

Create your own imaginary garden with seeds, flowers, and sandpaper dirt!

Sandpaper Garden Growing Gardens | Sandpaper Garden')">

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I'm mom to two funny, silly, noisy boys (age 3 and 6) who are mostly best friends and occasionally worst enemies. I love doing all sorts of creative activities with my kids, but I'm especially enthusiastic about kid-friendly science experiments - the messier, the better!
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What you need: Sandpaper, glue, seeds, markers / crayons / oil pastels

What you do:

  1. Step 1: MaterialsAssemble your materials: sandpaper (not too fine and not too coarse; we used 100 grit.  You can get at any hardware store.); school glue or glue dots; seeds (any kind will do, but bigger is better – think bean seeds or melons); and markers / crayons or oil pastels.  We loved the way oil pastels turned out!
  2. Step 2: Make a PlanThink about: what will grow from your seeds? Will your seeds grown into flowers, plants, fruits or vegetables... or something else??
  3. Step 3: Glue seedsGlue your seeds wherever you would like them on the sandpaper...
  4. Step 4 Draw plants…and then draw the picture of the plants that grow from your seeds.
  5. Step 5: OR draw the plants firstOR, if you like, draw your picture first...
  6. Step 6: and then add the seeds…and then add the seeds where you want them to go.
  7. Step 7: Tell a story about your gardenTell your grown up helper the story about the garden you grew!

Questions to explore:

  1. Since this is an imaginary garden, you can grow anything you can imagine!  What's your favorite plant growing in your garden?
  2. What do your imaginary plants need to grow? Is there a sun in your garden?
  3. People plant gardens for all kinds of reasons - for food, to grow beautiful flowers, or just because they love gardens. Can you tell a story about how your garden grew? Who planted your garden?
  4. Do you know the story of Jack & the Beanstalk?  That's a fun tale of an imaginary beanstalk that sprouted from magic beans and grew all the way up into the clouds.