Wild Safari | Safari Diorama

We are always looking for creative ways to reuse our Kiwi Crate boxes… and since this month is Safari month, we figured it would be a great time to try out a Safari Diorama!

My son, who just finished kindergarten, was not really familiar with the term “diorama”.  But when I asked him if he was interested in building a “habitat” for his safari animals, his face lit up.

Building a diorama is as easy as you want to make it (we like easy!), and my kids always have a blast.  It’s a similar concept to playing with a dollhouse or building with blocks — you get to be the “engineer” for your own little environment — which kids really seem to engage with.

First, the supplies:

  • Wild Safari | Safari Diorama')"> A cardboard box (we used our Kiwi Crate box); the grown-up will need to cut off the lid & flaps
  • Colored paper – we used origami and tissue paper. This is for grass, trees, watering hole, etc.
  • Other building materials — I had some of these cool Nuudles on hand, and they turned out great!  (more on them in a minute). You could also use clay or playdough.

First, discuss what types of things your animals need in their habitat.  Trees? Water? Grass? Shelter? Food? Toys??  Of course, depending on the age of your child, they may go more for free-form creations or take a fun imaginative route.

Next, start building!  My son decided to use the Nuudles to create the trunks of his trees.  Have you played with these before?  They’re biodegradable building blocks made from cornstarch.  You just need a wet paper towel, and dampen the end of a block (don’t get it too wet) and it will stick to anything – the cardboard or another block.  He then crumpled up tissue paper to make the “leaves”.

Wild Safari | Safari Diorama')">

Add grass, watering holes — whatever else your animal friends need.

Wild Safari | Safari Diorama')">

Then introduce your animals to their new habitat!

Wild Safari | Safari Diorama')">


  • creating
  • discovering
  • communicating
  • moving-fine

What you need: Cardboard box (or your Kiwi Crate), colored paper (origami paper, tissue paper), Nuudles or clay, toy animals