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  1. Posted by Beth |

    This water fun crate was fun and we have been happy with the products that kiwi crate supplies but I have to say the boat activity had some puff paint bottles provided and when we went to use the paint we cut the tips off the top of the bottle but the green bottle paint did not want to come out so we took the top off to check for a small piece of paper blocking the way to no avail so we tried to squeeze the paint out once more and the green paint bottle EXPLODED!!! The paint went every place and let me tell you the paint RUINED my shirt and does not come out of carpet or any clothe it touches….very disappointing considering these are projects for young children.

    • Posted by Alissa M |

      We had the same problem!! I even poked the hole clean with a sewing needle to unclog it. Ours destroyed the tablecloth. It’s clearly a design issue with the bottles. The top with the tip should not just rest in there–but actually be attached somehow so it won’t just pop out.

      My son started crying that I had wasted all his paint, so I used a spoon to scoop it back into the bottle so he would have some to do the project. I tried squeezing the yellow one, wouldn’t come out and the top started popping off, but I saw it coming and stopped before it exploded. For the Yellow tip, I then pulled the tip out and ran it under hot water, scrubbing it out with a tiny brush, and then put it back on the bottle. It worked well after that, but if that is the procedure they should note it in the instructions. This is our first crate and I’m a little unimpressed that they would have such a design flaw in a paint bottle.

  2. Posted by Cara Aguirre |

    We had a lot of fun making the water color animals.
    The boat on the other hand came with tons of issues.
    First, the rudder was missing.
    Next the paint…..the paint was terrible. The green was chunky and clogged. When my 4 year old did manage to squeeze some out, it came in sloppy bursts.
    The yellow didn’t even have a squirter when we took the cap off. We ended up making piles of this goo and just fingerpainting the sails. Not very impressive. I considered canceling my account after this waste of money, but decided to give it a shot for another month because my daughter is so excited to receive them.

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