Top 5 Travel-Friendly Crafts


With travel—as with everything else—it pays to be prepared! Forestall the “I’m boreds” with these fun tips, tricks and activities. With a little prep, you’ll be ready for any situation the road has to offer.

1. DIY Lacing Cards
Have a little one who loves to “sew”? Whip up these quick lacing cards. Laminate or cover them with contact paper to make a fantastic busy bag activity!

2. Dry Erase Backseat Activity

Here’s an easy idea: give kids washable dry erase markers and a glove or mitten, and they can create and recreate using the car (or airplane) window for a canvas!

3. On-the-Go I Spy

Practice observational skills with I Spy! A great activity for livening up car rides and airport lines.

4. Portable Doll Dress-up Board

Make a felt doll dress-up board that packs up into a go-anywhere travel board.

5. Personal Travel Snack Boxes

When you’re packing goodies for your trip, use extra deli boxes and containers to make snacktime into a treat!

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