I'm mom to two funny, silly, noisy boys (age 3 and 6) who are mostly best friends and occasionally worst enemies. I love doing all sorts of creative activities with my kids, but I'm especially enthusiastic about kid-friendly science experiments - the messier, the better!

My Favorite Activities

Creating boats, spaceships, or anything else we can think of out of duct tape and cardboard.

Listening to my kids' stories.

Any kind of science exploration activity - I love learning with my kids!

My Favorite Materials

Duct tapeModel Magic, oil pastels

Arts & Crafts

DIY Binoculars

You can’t have a safari without binoculars! These easy cardboard binoculars are easy to create with materials out of the recycling bin. You’ll need: cardboard tubes colorful paper tape or duct tape rubber bands sticky felt or other decorations (optional) … Continue reading