6 Holiday Gift Tag Printables

6 Holiday Gift Tag Printables

 It’s finally December and the magic of the holidays is upon us!

To add a pop of extra fun to your holiday presents, we created these adorable printable gift tags! Convenient and inexpensive, they’re a great way to personalize your gifts. We printed them on thick paper and used a paper punch to make a hole along the edge.

Download the FREE printable here: Holiday Gift Tag Printables


Brown Sugar Scrub

Kathy shares a simple recipe for keeping hands and feet soft this Winter.

Try this easy and super skin softening brown sugar scrub. Your kiddos will feel so great giving this gift that they can make!

What You’ll Need

  • 1 cup Brown Sugar
  • 1/3 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 2 TBSP Honey
  • Bowl
  • Spoon
  • Jar

Begin by adding 1 cup of the brown sugar. I helped my daughter measure this but she added it in herself!

Next, add in 1/3 cup of extra virgin olive oil. My daughter was very careful pouring this in. I recommend making this in a plastic container.

Next comes the sticky part! Measure and put in 2 tablespoons of honey.

That’s it! Now you have your kiddo mix it up really well so that everything is incorporated. My daughter just loves to mix it up!

Transfer the scrub into a jar for gift giving and give it to someone you love! This would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for someone special!

To see more holiday project ideas, visit The Studio, a directory of handpicked, hands-on projects for kids.

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5 Easy DIY Wrapping Paper Ideas

This year, our family was inspired to make our own wrapping paper for all our Christmas presents. It seemed silly to buy some when we already had yards and yards of kraft paper in our art supply closet just waiting to be turned into festive gift wrap. I love the natural handmade look, and my kids are so proud to give presents they wrapped themselves!


There’s nothing cuter than little hands and feet! And my kids love to make handprints. Just brush on washable paint with a foam brush and help your child press their hand on the paper. We’ll be using this personalized gift wrap for all the gifts to the grandparents.

Handprint Wrapping Paper


Use a little bit of your holiday greenery to create a fun star pattern. Dip the pine needles in a little cup of paint, then press on the paper to form a star. Try different pieces to vary the pattern.

Create DIY Star-printed Wrapping Paper with Pine Needles


Dip holiday cookie cutters in paint to create a pretty design. Pour some paint onto a paper plate and dip the cookie cutter in the paint. For a thicker line, use the rounded side of the cookie cutter.

DIY Holiday Wrapping Paper with Cookie Cutters


Foam stickers on a rolling pin create a beautiful snowy pattern! Stick self-adhesive foam stickers onto a rolling pin, then brush paint onto the stickers with a foam brush. Slowly roll the rolling pin along the paper to make a pattern.

Create this mod wrapping paper pattern with a rolling pin


Kids can make their own stamp by placing a foam sticker onto a wooden block. Use any shape you like, or cut your own! Use a foam brush to apply the paint to the sticker, then stamp on the paper.

DIY Wrapping Paper with Wood Block Stamps

You can even use the same technique to decorate ribbons.

DIY Stamped Holiday Ribbon

I hope you enjoy creating your own unique gift wrap. Tell us your favorite technique in the comments!

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Kiwi Crate delivers monthly projects for kids ages 3 to 7, all materials and inspiration included. All activities are reviewed by experts and tested by kids to make sure they encourage curiosity, exploration, and creativity! Learn more.

Salt Dough Gift Tags

Reusable gift tags? Yes, please! Family Sponge‘s Jen H. shows you how you can save a little dough on your holiday wrapping.

I am always amazed at how fast we fill up the trash can on Christmas morning. From wrapping paper to toy packaging—it all makes it into the trash. Well last year, I decided to try something new: make reusable gift tags and use fabric for wrapping presents. It definitely alleviated the trash pile up! Each child has the first letter of their name stamped onto the tag so they know whose present it is. Bonus: The tags look really cute on fabric-wrapped presents under the tree!

What You’ll Need
salt (1/2 cup)
flour (1 cup)
water (1/2 cup)

First, we mixed flour, salt, and water in a large bowl.

With our hands, we made a ball of dough and kneaded it until it was smooth and firm. It took us five minutes of tag-teaming it to get it smooth.

We rolled the ball out with a rolling pin until the dough was about 1/4″ thick. My daughter thought this part was fun because it was just like making sugar cookies.

Then we used cookie cutters to make shapes in the dough. We used various shapes to help fill in the empty space so we could get the most out of the dough.

We did this on a plastic place mat so it was easy to move around.

After using a straw and poking holes into the top of each shape…

…we stamped the dough lightly with a rubber stamp so that the letter imprinted into the dough. A few times, we stamped hard enough that the edge of the stamp also left an imprint–but there’s beauty in imperfection!

If you’d like, you can also use a stamp pad (ink) to add color to the gift tags.

We let the dough dry. We sped the process up a bit by putting them in the over at 200 degrees for 10 minutes and then turning the oven off, yet left the dough tags in it to dry.

We were so pleased with how they turned out–and I love that we can use them year after year!

To see more homemade gift ideas, visit The Studio, a directory of handpicked, hands-on projects for kids.

About Kiwi Crate
Kiwi Crate delivers monthly projects for kids ages 3 to 7, all materials and inspiration included. All activities are reviewed by experts and tested by kids to make sure they encourage curiosity, exploration, and creativity! Learn more.

Handmade Coupon Book for Father’s Day

I have a confession: I have made absolutely no plans for Father’s Day. Fortunately, my husband was rescued from a day with no gifts, thanks to this handy printable coupon book (download the PDF).

Fathers Day Coupons

What you need:
Paper and the Fathers Day Coupons Printable (download the PDF)
Hole Punch
Ribbon or Twine
Other embellishments (optional!)

Fathers Day Coupons Supplies

First we cut out the coupons, them moved right into brainstorming what special gifts Daddy would like. I wanted to provide some structure, since given no direction I knew that my 3-year-old would just draw a bunch of smiley faces and my 6-year-old would fill the entire book with race cars. So before handing out pens to the kids, I started them off with a couple ideas and asked them to think of some more.

Ideas for Things Daddy Would Like

  1. A big hug
  2. A nap on the couch (without getting jumped on)
  3. …..

The other ideas they came up with were “Building with LEGO cars”, “Watching Mythbusters”, and “Having dessert”.

My initial response was that we were talking about nice things for Daddy, and those suggestions were nice things for little boys. But I was overruled by my 6-year-old, who correctly pointed out that Daddy liked all of those things just as much as he did. So in they went, along with (of course) some drawings of race cars and smiley faces.

This was a very fun project to do together, and I know that Daddy is going to love his coupons. We’d love to hear what you’re up to Father’s Day – tell us in the comments!

Download the Father’s Day Coupon Book Printable

For more gift ideas, check out 6 Father’s Day Gifts That Kids Can Make.

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Kiwi Crate delivers monthly projects for kids ages 3-7, all materials and inspiration included. All activities are reviewed by experts and tested by kids to make sure they encourage curiosity, exploration and creativity! Learn more.

Kiwi Crate Picks: 5 Delightful and Simple Mother’s Day Gifts (That Kids Can Make)

It’s time to celebrate Mother’s Day – the holiday which is devoted to the most important women we know: Our moms. There are a million ways to say thank you, but here are a few of our kid-friendly and DIY favorites.

A big thank you to all the bloggers and pinners who inspired these gift ideas!

Just a note: Some of these projects may require some parental help. (*hint: dads to the rescue!)

5. Fingerprint Necklace

This pretty necklace surely gets two thumbs up for ease and for cleverness. We love how beautiful the single fingerprint looks on the clay pendant – and what mom wouldn’t want to wear a piece of their child so close to her heart? (via Crafty Crow)


4. Fingerprint Heart Painting

OK. It looks like we have a thing for fingerprints. But this painting is too cute not to share. It’s also a great way to get all the family members (or at least their thumbs) involved in a collective gift for mom. Frame it for easy display at work or home. (via Busy Kids = Happy Mom)



3. Photo Coasters

Mod Podge is one of the most beloved materials in our craft closet – and an instrumental part of making these adorable DIY photo coasters. Use old pictures or any other scraps of paper to make fun personalized coasters for mom. Not only are they mini pieces of art, but they’ll help keep the household free from watermarks. (via Mine for the Making)


Source (left): marthastewart.com via Kiwi on Pinterest

Source: freeprettythingsforyou.com via Kiwi on Pinterest

2. Balloon Bouquets

Love this idea! There’s just something so happy-making about balloons, right? Which is why this balloon bouquet will definitely give your mom a definite high. If you don’t want to use helium, balloon blowing can be a fun activity for older kids (just tape the balloons to a wall). Either cut out letters to attach to the balloons (as seen in the photo) or write a special message on the outside of them, using a permanent marker. You can also hide little treasures in the balloons too. (via Martha Stewart and Free Pretty Things for You)


Source (left): blog.kiwicrate.com via Kiwi on Pinterest

Source: sewsweetstitches.blogspot.com via Kiwi on Pinterest

Source: danamadeit.com via Kiwi on Pinterest

1. Tissue Paper Flowers

It’s true: No Mother’s Day is complete without flowers. However, we prefer this twist on the traditional bouquet of flowers, which, let’s face it, wilt by weeks’ end. These tissue paper bouquets are so simple that your kids can make them. Put a bunch of these flowers in a mason jar and wrap with a ribbon — and Voilà! It’s a lovely floral arrangement that lasts forever. (via Kiwi CrateSew Sweet Stiches, and Dana Made It)

For more DIY kid-friendly gift ideas, please check out our Pinterest Board here.

Teacher Appreciation Round-up

Did you know teacher appreciation week is next week (the first full week of May)?  Also, incredibly enough, it’s not too early to start thinking about how to thank your teachers as the school year draws to a close.  For either occasion, we wanted to share some fun gifts kids can make to say thank you!

Childrens Art Vase

(via Aunt Peaches)

We thought this Children’s Art Vase from Aunt Peaches was just adorable, and I bet our kids’ teachers would too.  It’s multi-functional, too; most classrooms can always use more organizing cups for pencils (or crayons, or scissors, or glue dots…). For kids learning to write, this would be especially sweet with a hand-written “thank you” for the teacher! This would also be a nice way to present a group gift card from the class, tucked into the flowers. (The kids could even fill with Tissue Paper Flowers.)

Garden Stones

(via Givers Log)

For a gift from the whole class, it’s nice to have all the children contribute their own personal touch. Painted garden stoneswith children’s names are a great way to dress up the gift of a beautiful plant.

Gift Card Holder

(via Skip To My Lou)

For gift cards, fancy it up with a pretty cardboard holder. The instructions call for using Mod Podge on cardboard, but if you have some pretty cardstock on hand you can simplify. Just cut the envelope shape out of cardstock and fold – embellishment optional!

Celery Rose Stamp

(via Maureen Cracknell)

Any teacher will tell you that the best gift is a sincere “thank you” from a student. This rose stamp (made from the root end of celery!) is simple enough for a preschooler to manage, but so pretty you’ll want to make a whole stack of cards. It’s a sweet gift with just a note, or could also be a nice way to present a gift card.

Spring Egg Cartons

(via Toddler Approved)

These egg carton flowers make surprisingly pretty cards. You can stop with the stamping step if you want a card that fits in an envelope, or glue on your egg carton flowers for a dimensional effect.

How are your children thanking their teachers? Share your ideas in the comments!