10 Creative Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

10 St. Patrick Day Activities for Kids

If you’re looking for some crafty inspiration, never fear — St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! Get your kids excited with these green and lucky activities.

Finger Print Clovers
Create a field of clovers with this quick and easy activity.
fingerprint clover

St. Patrick’s Day Peppers
These simple green peppers will make a lucky (and healthy!) treat for your kids.
st patrick day green peppers

Shamrock Suncatchers
These lucky charms make adorable holiday decor and keepsakes.
shamrock suncatchers

Rainbow Noodles
This sweet rainbow is sure to cheer up even the rainiest day.
rainbow noodles

Treasure Hunt
Start a new St. Patrick’s Day tradition with this fun treasure hunt idea.
treasure hunt

Rainbow Hair Clip
Accessorize for St. Patrick’s Day with a sweet hair clip made with colorful ribbon.
ribbon clip

Shamrock Tortilla Chip
Use green spinach tortillas to make these easy and oh-so-simple chips!
Shamrock Tortilla Chips

Rainbow Painting
Try out a new way of painting with a basic household essential.
rainbow sponge

Simple Sewing Rainbows
Introduce embroidery to your kids and guide them through this simple stitching project.
rainbow sewing

Animal Parade
Make an animal parade with these tasty, green, sprinkle-coated cookies!

What are your favorite activities around St. Patrick’s Day?

Leprechaun Hats

Saint Patrick’s Day is almost here! These yummy chocolate leprechaun hats caught my eye while I was looking for treats to make with some left over marshmallows.

First we gather supplies: Plates, waxed paper, chocolate, a microwave safe bowl, spoons, marshmallows and cookies.  You could use Oreo cookies, but to give it a minty kick we decide to use some thin mints from our local girl scouts.

After sampling the cookies and marshmallows for freshness, B is ready to work.  Since B turned three, everything now comes in threes.  B decides to make three hats.  First, placing three cookies on the plate and then three marshmallows on top.  I decide to make three of my own.  In all the excitement I initially forget the wax paper, but am able to slip it in later.

Next, we load up the bowl with chocolate.  B checks the marshmallows again.  Still fresh.  One could use a double broiler to melt the morsels, but we opt for the preschool friendly microwave.  I burn the first batch of chocolate (2 minutes is too long!).  In a pinch I grab a mug, which actually works out better for little hands!

After that, B samples some marshmallows.  Still fresh!  Then, we drizzle on the chocolate.  B enjoys watching the chocolate ooze down the side.  I also coat my hats, but I’m unable to make a perfectly round bottom.

Our final products before placing in the refrigerator are almost irresistible.  B refers to the treats as “Topham Hatts.”  I guess he has more of a context for the railway controller of the Island of Sodor than a mythical Irish fairy.

After a healthy dinner B eagerly enjoys his creation!

Are you celebrating St Patrick’s Day in any special way?