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Glitter ideas

Silly question - but what are some fun things to do with glitter with kids (besides get it all over the house)?

by: Jen on 11.13.2012



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Maybe put it inside an empty water bottle with water and oil for a sensory bottle?

posted by: Nicole on 11.25.2012

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Glitter is awesome. When I was little we used to draw pictures in glue and then sprinkle glitter onto the glue to make festive shiny pictures. Of course, I haven't been brave enough to try this very messy project with my own kids...

posted by: Ryan on 11.20.2012

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Hi Jen, We love glitter! My kids favorite is to have it in salt shakers and use with play dough! Super fun!

posted by: Melissa on 11.13.2012

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what a fun idea. i would have loved doing this as a kid!

posted by: Yvonne on 11.13.2012

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