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Looking for Thanksgiving ideas!

I'm looking for some fun Thanksgiving crafts and activities for kids 5 and under. I'd love to have my kids create something we can use to decorate the table, so they feel like they're contributing to the meal.

by: Ryan on 11.20.2012



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What about a twist on handprint turkeys? After the kids make them have them cut them out and glue them to a craft stick and you have a puppet!

posted by: Brittany on 11.20.2012

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I am cutting out leaves on orange, yellow, and light brown paper in different shapes so the kiddos can write things they are thankful for on them. Then I'm planning to scatter them around the dinner table. I used these leaf outlines to create stencils.

posted by: Shelley on 11.20.2012

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Placecards and napkin rings jump to mind. Young kids who can't write can draw pictures of each person, or if you're a planning-ahead type you could print out pics of family members and let them at it with glue sticks and stickers. Beads strung on pipe cleaners make great napkin rings.

posted by: Sara on 11.20.2012

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We do a popcorn turkey every year and the kids love to have a turkey they can carve. I also make pumpkin play dough and supply lots of art at the kids table. http://www.kiwicrate.com/projects/Popcorn-Turkey/292

posted by: Melissa on 11.20.2012

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I love hand print turkeys. There are so many ways to decorate their feathers and make their feet.

posted by: Deirdre on 11.20.2012

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