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Projects using pipecleaners?

I have a bunch of pipecleaners left over from an after-school activity I led. Any fun project ideas using pipecleaners?

by: Jenny on 11.9.2012



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Thread beads on the pipe cleaners to make bracelets. My toddler loves to make them.

posted by: Nicole on 11.25.2012

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It's a great time of year for snowflakes! My two children love to make them.

posted by: Stephanie on 11.23.2012

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We love to use pipe cleaner with play dough and also during finger painting.

posted by: Brittany on 11.20.2012

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This pipecleaner turkey was a bit hit for us!

posted by: Yael on 11.12.2012

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really like that the materials are so simple in this one yet the project was so much fun!!

posted by: Kara on 11.13.2012

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My kiddos really enjoyed making these guys: The balancing was the fun part!

posted by: Maggie on 11.9.2012

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