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Simple crafts I can do with my kids while traveling?

Looking for some easy projects to do while waiting at the airport, riding on the plane, or riding for a long time in a car.

by: Maggie on 11.13.2012



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Post it Notes! Draw on them and stick them all over. They are easy to clean up when you are exiting the plane or car.

posted by: Nicole on 11.25.2012

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You could make a portable sensory bin. Gather some rice, some measuring utensils, and some toys and put them all in a empty diaper wipe container.

posted by: Brittany on 11.20.2012

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When my son was 1 or 2 we used to just let him rip pages out of magazines, kept him happy for a surprisingly long time! For older kids, drawing activities are fun. If you have little slips of paper you can draw your own matching game. The child does a drawing on one slip of paper, and then you copy the same drawing onto another slip of paper.

posted by: Ryan on 11.20.2012

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pack some cloud clay...not too messy and keeps my kids busy for a short plane ride

posted by: Tara on 11.13.2012

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