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What sorts of crafts can one do with recycled materials?

I love The Studio's "Editors Pick" list for Recycled Crafts - anyone out there have more good ideas?

by: Louis on 11.13.2012



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There are so many fun things to do with toilet paper rolls: http://www.kiwicrate.com/thestudio/projects/?q=toilet+paper&search_by_keyword_submit=submit One of my personal favorites is using glowsticks inside of rolls with shapes cut out: http://www.kiwicrate.com/thestudio/projects/?q=toilet+paper&search_by_keyword_submit=submit

posted by: Yael on 11.14.2012

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My son and his friend enjoyed making these with coffee filters on a play date: http://www.icanteachmychild.com/2012/04/hes-got-the-whole-world-in-his-hands-coffee-filter-stained-glass-earth/

posted by: Mary on 11.13.2012

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Use old jeans to make a road for toy cars - http://lilmoptop.blogspot.com/2010/10/easy-fabric-roads.html

posted by: Tara on 11.13.2012

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