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  1. Koala Crate perfect for
    preschoolers Ages 3-4

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  2. Kiwi Crate perfect for
    young innovators Ages 5-8

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  3. Doodle Crate art and
    design for Ages 9-16+

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  4. Tinker Crate science and
    engineering for Ages 9-16+

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What's Inside a Crate

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Ages 3-4

Koala Crate

Play & Learn

  • Sample Koala Crate 1: Reptiles
  • Sample Koala Crate 2: Little Artist
  • Sample Koala Crate 3: Transportation
Creative Materials
Lots of high-quality materials for 2-3 creative activities
imagine! Magazine
Extend the fun with playful stories and games
Parent Guide
Activity guide for parents to support inquiry-based learning
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Ages 5-8

Kiwi Crate

Science, Art, & More

  • Sample Kiwi Crate 1: Arcade Claw
  • Sample Kiwi Crate 2: Fun With Flight
  • Sample Kiwi Crate 3: Glowing Animals
Creative Learning
High-quality materials and kid-friendly instructions and ideas for tinkering.
Maker Project
Hands-on fun to explore art, science, and engineering.
explore! Magazine
Extend the fun with comics, experiments, games, and more.
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Ages 9-16+

Doodle Crate

Art & Design

  • Sample Doodle Crate 1: Wooden Clock
  • Sample Doodle Crate 2: Sumi-e Ink Wash Painting
  • Sample Doodle Crate 3: Color-Blocked Candles
Quality Materials
From yarn to washi tape, everything you need to create amazing DIYs.
New Techniques
Get inspired with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.
Inspiration Sheet
Detailed instructions with design inspiration.
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Ages 9-16+

Tinker Crate

Science & Engineering

  • Sample Tinker Crate 1: Trebuchet
  • Sample Tinker Crate 2: Hydraulic Claw
  • Sample Tinker Crate 3: Fiber Optic Stars
Awesome Project
Creative, innovative STEM project
Detailed step-by-step instructions
Tinker Zine
Additional science experiments and activities
Video Tutorials
Online tutorials with tips and tricks
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