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Hydraulic Claw


After receiving this crate, explore a new themed crate delivered monthly with 2-3 arts & crafts, science activities, and more.

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Build with hydraulics! Hydraulics are used all over, from airplanes to factories to theme parks. Learn how to build your own hydraulic lifting claw and continue experimenting with bonus design challenges.

Includes illustrated blueprint instructions, materials, and a special-editionTinker Zine magazine to learn more about amazing hydraulic machines.

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super fun
Review by Anu S.
I liked how it really did have everything you needed. Something like this would be perfect to take on a vacation. As a parent I also felt that I understood hydraulics for the first time in my life! Way cool!
June 23, 2015
a favorite
Review by Kelly S.
I love the open ended nature of this crate....that you create a basic hydraulic setup and can do so much with it. We've received three tinker crates, and this is by far our left so much room for creativity, which greAtly enhanced my child's understanding of the concept.
June 1, 2015
we had a blast!
Review by Elaine W.
He had a blast with this project. We did have to reinforce the arm so it didn't fall over (two syringes on one side and one on the other made it wobbly), but he figured out how to do that (even a guy wire!) all on his own. Everyone was really impressed with the quality of the project, and it was very striking when finished.
May 15, 2015
educational fun
Review by Amanda F.
The ease at which our kids could understand how hydraulics worked because of interaction with the kit. They loved working with the plungers. We added food coloring to each plunger so they could see which line worked which part.
April 19, 2015
love all the ideas
Review by Tamara P.
The crate comes with several ideas for hydraulics set-ups. Plus, my boys were able to do it all on their own without my help which means no waiting for me to have the time and they are thrilled to dig right in and do it all!
April 6, 2015
Thank you!
Review by Norene J.
My daughter (age 12) found it engaging and she was able to take it to a much farther level than even the instructions dictated. It really got her thinking and experimenting!
March 19, 2015
Review by Laura S.
My daughter loved the mechanics and getting to play with water.
March 5, 2015
We love this crate
Review by Lisa L.
My son loved this crate! He said it was his favorite one so far. It was pretty simple to put together and he loves playing around with it. He even took it to school to show his teacher.
March 3, 2015
great for 13yo and 21yo
Review by Sloan K.
The whole concept was really cool and interesting. My 13 yo son was definitely interested in learning about hydraulics and building the first part. My daughters 21yo boyfriend came over later and loved it too! He built the second part of the crane to finish it. It's obviously great for all ages!
March 2, 2015
very impressive
Review by Emily H.
My husband (the electrical engineer) and my daughter (10) enjoyed learning new things, putting the project together, and watching it work. The whole family was impressed when the arm lifted the ball of paper!
February 18, 2015