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Summer Discovery Pack

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  • Kiwi Crate's summer themes explore nature, water and flight with fun, educational science and art activities.
  • Get outdoors for a nature scavenger hunt, float and steer your own sailboat, launch a rubber band rocket, and much more!
  • 3 months of summer fun for only $60 $50. Perfect for kids ages 3-7.

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Nature Explorer

Explore the great outdoors by day ... and night!

Night Sky Lantern

Build and decorate a tin punch-style lantern that really lights up.

Nature Collection Box

Construct and personalize a kid-sized nature collection box for a nature scavenger hunt!

Explore the Stars

Learn about the night sky with stargazing facts and activities.


Wonders of Water

Discover the scientific properties of water.

Floating Sailboat

Assemble a colorful sailboat, then learn to steer it in the tub or pool.

Watercolor Animals

Create vibrant sea creature art with color-diffusing paper and your own spray bottle.

Water Experiments

Investigate surface tension and buoyancy with included bonus materials.


Fun With Flight

Explore the magic—and science—of flying.

Kite-Making Kit

Make and decorate colorful kites, and run to make them soar.

Rad Rockets

Explore aerodynamics by building rubber band rockets that really fly.

Make Your Own Flyers

Assemble and experiment with unique punch-out paper fliers.