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A is for Alligator

A is for Alligator
Messiness: Low
Age Range: 2y - 5y
Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Amy Hindman
2 Projects
Make learning the alphabet fun with this quick and easy "A" shaped Alligator paper craft!

What You'll Need

How We Did It

A is for Alligator
Gather your materials and cut an A out of the green construction paper. Cut triangles out of the white paper for teeth.
A is for Alligator
Squiggle a line of glue along the top and bottom edge of the "mouth" and show your child how to add teeth. Older children can do the glue themselves.
A is for Alligator
Add a dot of glue for each "scale" and show your child how to add the buttons. We had fun finding lots of different colors of green and counting our buttons!
A is for Alligator

Add 2 more dots of glue for the button eyes. The glue will dry clear, so don't worry if it looks a bit messy.

A is for Alligator
Enjoy your finished Alligator A!


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