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Banana Drawings

Banana Drawings

When I discovered I could easily write on a banana with a toothpick, I got a little crazy with it. I wrote notes to my kids in their school lunches via the banana. I made scary faces to ring in the first day of October, and I made sweet heart bananas for the hubby. It's so easy and so fun. When my daughter wanted to get in on the fun, things got really silly.

How We Did It

Banana Drawings
Banana + toothpick = some major silliness!
Banana Drawings
Emma was giggling all through the process in hopes of surprising her little brother with a banana monster face. Oh to be a big sister.
Banana Drawings
It's pretty cool for kids to make an almost invisible face and watch it slowly appear within the hour.
Banana Drawings

I love finding art projects and silly laughs in places we never expected. It makes a semi-normal day get pretty exciting in the lives of two- and five-year-olds...


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My children and I completed Banana Drawings. What a creative idea! My four year olds keep checking to see what new things the bananas say each day.

posted by: Michelle on 1.30.2013

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