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Bendable Wire Mummy

Bendable Wire Mummy
Messiness: Low
Age Range: 4y - 9y
Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Jen Hansard
42 Projects

Did you know that flexible outdoor wire and scrap fabric is all it takes to make this fun, bendable mummy? Although, truth be told, it may be a bit monotonous to wrap the fabric around the wire again and again, my daughter agreed that the end result was awesome. We hope your kiddo will get all wrapped up with this project, too!

What You'll Need

How We Did It

Bendable Wire Mummy

Bend the wire into the shape of a figure. (Depending on your child's age, you may need to help him or her with this.)

Bendable Wire Mummy

I cut up some strips of old fabric then tied a knot of fabric around the wire waist. My four-year old then took over wrapping the mummy. She wrapped the fabric around the wire in multiple angles and directions.

Bendable Wire Mummy

Create multiple layers to make your mummy thicker, or fewer layers if you want your mummy to be skinnier.

Once my daughter finished making the mummy, she added a dab of glue to the end of the fabric and tucked the end into the "gauze." (You can also just tie the end of the fabric around the mummy.)

Bendable Wire Mummy

She loved repositioning her mummy mannequin and moving him (her? it?) around the house!


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My child and I completed Bendable Wire Mummy! He absolutely loves it and has been carrying it around everywhere! He is 5 years old.

posted by: Channing on 5.12.2014

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This little mummy guy is so cute!

posted by: Ryan on 10.16.2012

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