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Clay Charm

Clay Charm
Messiness: Medium

Estimated Time:

Activity Designer

Jen Kim
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Personalize a backpack or tote, a gift package or even a
bedroom door handle with these adorable personalized charms.

How We Did It

Clay Charm

Gather your materials and protect your workspace. The hardest part is deciding what to make!

Clay Charm

For a custom name tag that you can hang on a backpack, tote bag, or even a gift, start by rolling out the clay so that it is 1/8� thin. You can use a rolling pin, can or even a cup.

Clay Charm

Using a plastic knife (you may need grownup help), cut a shape out of the clay. Once your design is final, use a pipe cleaner to gently poke a hole in the clay so you can hang it. Let it dry overnight.

Clay Charm

Once your charm is dry, paint your name or design on it. You can also paint some of the buttons.

Clay Charm

Finally, string some buttons on a pipe cleaner. Loop it through your charm. Next time, make a charm you can hang from a pipe cleaner necklace, or a tag you can tie to a birthday gift.


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