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Colorful Butterflies

Colorful Butterflies
Messiness: Low
Age Range: 2y - 6y
Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Nicole Duggan
159 Projects

Transform an everyday household object—a coffee filter!—into a colorful butterfly.

How We Did It

Colorful Butterflies

Gather your materials. Make sure your markers are washable, otherwise they won’t bleed properly.

Colorful Butterflies

Color the coffee filter with markers. Use as many colors as you want and try to cover up all the white.

Colorful Butterflies

Place a paper plate or towel under the colored coffee filter. Use a spray bottle to spray the coffee filter with water. Watch how all of the colors run together! Let the coffee filter dry.

Colorful Butterflies

Once dry, gather the coffee filter in the middle with a pipe cleaner. Twist the pipe cleaner closed and make antennae. Clamp a clothespin over the middle to make the butterfly’s body. You can draw eyes or even a face on the clothespin, if you want!


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My 2 and 4 1/2 year olds creations!

posted by: Danae on 7.15.2013

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