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Cornmeal Play

Cornmeal Play
Messiness: Medium
Age Range: 2y - 7y
Estimated Time: <1 hour

Activity Designer

Melissa Allen
400 Projects
Looking in my pantry is always the best way to create some fun sensory play in our house. New textures and smells are so engaging and fun to play with. On this day my two-year old had so much fun with some cornmeal and dino's!

How We Did It

Cornmeal Play
Cornmeal has such a nice texture. When I was looking for something to be an indoor sand box I knew cornmeal would work perfectly. I first tried a cake pan and had to pull out a large baking sheet. Grayson needed much more digging room than the cake pan could offer!
Cornmeal Play
We filled the baking sheet with cornmeal and added the dinosaurs and a few cookie cutters to make fun prints. He loved every minute of this and my five-year old eventually joined in too.
Cornmeal Play
When we were all finished I saved the cornmeal for some more play another day and pulled out the vacuum for a quick clean up. Very easy!


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