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Creating Salt Crystals

Creating Salt Crystals
Messiness: Low
Age Range: 4y - 9y
Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Deirdre Smith
20 Projects

There is something fascinating about taking common objects and creating something new with them. My son and I had a great time experimenting with rocks, salt, and water to see what would happen.

What You'll Need

How We Did It

Creating Salt Crystals
We started by heating up the water in a pot on the stove on high.
Creating Salt Crystals
Then we added the salt to the mixture.
Creating Salt Crystals

The next step was to stir the salt and water until there was only a little salt left in the pan. I stuck right by my son's side as he stirred as I do any time he is working on the stove. As he gets older, I will back off a little, but for now I stay right beside him.

Creating Salt Crystals
While I gave the salt mixture a final stir or two, my son placed the five stones into a shallow pan.
Creating Salt Crystals

I then poured the hot liquid over the stones. Eventually, crystals started to form--how exciting!


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I was just wondering... when you say, "Eventually, crystals started to form." How long would you estimate that it took for the process to begin being visible?

posted by: Christine on 6.4.2014

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