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Egg Carton Tulips

Egg Carton Tulips
Messiness: Medium
Age Range: 3y - 9y
Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Melissa Allen
400 Projects

I think tulips go hand and hand with spring. While we're waiting for our real tulips to bloom, this fun egg carton craft will suffice! This would make a great gift for Mother's Day as well.

How We Did It

Egg Carton Tulips

First we the egg cups off the carton. Did you ever notice they are the perfect shape for a tulip?

Egg Carton Tulips

I poked two holes in the bottom of each cup, using a small pair of scissors. A pencil can also be used, but this is of course a grown-up step.

Egg Carton Tulips

My daughter threaded the pipe cleaner into each egg cup -- adding a button to the inside -- and threaded an inch or so back out.

Egg Carton Tulips
Next, we just twisted the two ends together.
Egg Carton Tulips
The kids got to work painting each flower. We used watercolor paints, but any paint will work. You can even use markers.
Egg Carton Tulips
Emma was so proud of her flowers and decided to give this bouquet to her teacher.


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