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Floating Egg

Floating Egg
Messiness: Low
Age Range: 4y - 9y
Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Stephanie Sims
167 Projects

Does an egg sink or float in water? Is it possible that it does both? In this experiment it will. It'll even sink and float at the same time!

How We Did It

Floating Egg
Just a few simple ingredients for this quick science demonstration!
Floating Egg

First we filled the jar about half full with water, then we started spooning in salt. We stirred, stirred, stirred...

Floating Egg

...then Maddie carefully put in the egg.

Floating Egg
It floats!
Floating Egg
Now let's get tricky..... We put a spoon inside the top of the glass, and poured fresh water over it, deflecting the water flow. We filled up the jar the rest of the way like that... and the egg stays right where it is, below the fresh water....
Floating Egg
The salt water is saturated with the salt, increasing its density, so the egg floats to the top. When the fresh water is poured onto it (deflected) it stays above the salt water, so the egg floats at the top of the salt water, but sinks below the fresh water! Cool!


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My child and I completed Floating Egg.

posted by: Sheena on 8.15.2013

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