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Garden Toadstool

Garden Toadstool
Garden Toadstool
Messiness: High
Age Range: 4y - 9y
Estimated Time: <1 hour

Activity Designer

Melissa Allen
400 Projects
Since we have a thing for fairies in our house, we also have a thing for toadstools! This cute one made by my daughter looks so darling in the yard.

How We Did It

Garden Toadstool

We removed any stickers from the pot and saucer and got to work painting each one.

Garden Toadstool

We painted the saucer red and the pot brown, but you can do any color toadstool you like.

Garden Toadstool

Once dry we used a Q-tip to add white spots on the saucer (the bottom of the saucer will be the top of the mushroom.)

Garden Toadstool

A little bit of tacky glue worked great to attach the two. Looks pretty neat to have a toadstool in the garden! I hope the kids will make a few more.


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