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Heart Crowns

Heart Crowns
Messiness: Low
Age Range: 2y - 9y
Estimated Time: <1 hour

Activity Designer

Jaime Williams
16 Projects
I love holidays and all the fun crafts and treats that come with them. With Valentines Day coming up I thought we would make some fun paper crowns decorated with hearts. We not only had fun making them but playing in them after. Once the kids and I were through making the crowns they grabbed some wands and started running around the house as kings. I love making crafts and memories with my family during the holidays. Really any day for that matter.

What You'll Need

How We Did It

Heart Crowns
To start out, gather all the supplies you need for your craft. I like to do this before I get the kids. I got out red and white card stock for the crowns. I got scissors and glue sticks as well as white construction paper to cut hearts out of to decorate the crowns with. There was a painting of my oldest sons and I found a way to incorporate that as well.
Heart Crowns

My kids now came to the table to glue the two pieces of card stock together. This gives you the length you need to be able to wrap it around the kid's head.

Heart Crowns
After applying the glue lay the second piece of paper over it and then leave it to dry.
Heart Crowns
While we waited for the glue to dry on the crowns I cut out hearts from the painting and white paper. I just did this free hand.
Heart Crowns
You can cut the hearts as big or small as you want.
Heart Crowns

Once the papers are dry, draw points for the crown and cut them out. I chose to do this, but older children can do this too.

Heart Crowns

I sat the cut-out crown on the table for the kids to glue the hearts to.

Heart Crowns
Once they had all the hearts glued on, I took the crowns and wrapped them around their heads. I just held my hand to the place I needed to glue. I chose to hot glue this part together.
Heart Crowns

Now the kids have crowns fit for a king to play in. These crowns are great for queens, too!


valentines hearts


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The twins and I completed Heart Crowns. E says thank you for making the project. I have never been this happy when I have done a project. And now me and my sister can play kings and queens. K says she loves the project too.

posted by: Laurie on 6.6.2014

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