Homemade Applesauce

Homemade Applesauce
Messiness: High
Age Range: 3y - 9y
Estimated Time: 1-2 hours

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I'm a Michigan-der living in San Francisco. So this time of year, I get a bit nostalgic, dreaming of apple picking, fresh cider, hot cinnamon sugar donuts, and making apple sauce with my Grandma Winnie. Ever since I was little, each fall we would make

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Homemade Applesauce
Cut the peeled and cored apples into 1/2 � 1/4 inch pieces. Put in a saucepan with the cup of water and simmer until the apples get soft. Stir in lemon juice and brown sugar. Season with cinnamon and nutmeg to taste. (If the kids are helping with this part, I suggest letting the apple mixture cool to room temperature first. Otherwise the hot applesauce can burn if it splashes on the skin.) I like my applesauce chunky (shown), but if you want yours more pureed, use the potato masher and let your little one go to town. I usually split the batch because mashing is Dillon�s favorite part (besides eating).

The recipe yields about 3 cups of applesauce, depending on your apple sizes. To make a larger batch and freeze: double or quadruple the recipe. Once cooled, put into freezer containers. Defrost when you�re ready to eat.
Homemade Applesauce
This recipe is adapted from the old Betty Crocker cookbook that has been passed down from my great-grandmother. The book is very worn and the recipes are full of butter and calories, but I love to cook from it now and again. The only difference in my recipe is that the Betty Crocker version calls for 3/4 cups of white sugar. I prefer the natural tart-sweet flavor of the apples, and the bit of caramel flavoring that comes from the brown sugar.


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This was surprisingly delicious!

posted by: Yael on 10.16.2012

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