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Ice Lanterns

Ice Lanterns
Ice Lanterns
Messiness: Low
Age Range: 3y - 9y
Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Stephanie Sims
167 Projects

We make these beautiful winter lanterns every year around the Solstice... they're so simple to make, and so fantastically beautiful to see flickering in winter's landscape.

How We Did It

Ice Lanterns
Any sort of bowl will do; we make square ones, round ones, tall ones, short ones. If you use plastic then you won't have to worry about cracking your glass later. Use something that is a bit wider at the top than the bottom so you can get your lantern out of its container later.
Ice Lanterns
The first thing we did was venture into the garden to find some wintry treasures... honeysuckle berries, rosehips, and bits of pine all make for lovely additions. We had some glittered rosehips downstairs that always add beauty to things like this, so we added in a few of those as well.
Ice Lanterns
We filled our bowls about halfway or a little less with water; this will be the 'shelf' for our candles to sit upon. Then we placed in our pretty bits. It was could outside, so we left our bowls here on the patio to freeze overnight.
Ice Lanterns
The next morning, we had our bottom layer! Oh, they were so pretty already! We brought them inside, and gathered a few more pretties.
Ice Lanterns
Maddie put her narrow glass in the middle of her bowl (this will hold a spot for the candle to go),
Ice Lanterns
and put in her berries and evergreen sprigs.
Ice Lanterns
We filled up our bowls with water the rest of the way, and froze them again. If the glass wants to float a bit, just put pebbles or other weights in it to hold it into place while the lantern finishes freezing.
Ice Lanterns
When they were solid, we brought them in, and put a bit of warm water in the glass, to release it from the surrounding ice. Then we ran water over the outside of the bowls to release our lanterns. Absolutely beautiful.


ice lantern Solstice


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My child and I completed Ice Lanterns. Of course, it was the one day the nighttime didn't drop below freezing, so we made them in the freezer using plastic tupperware for the bottom and juice glasses for making the "well". Battery powered tea lights made them look lovely on our porch. It was fun, seasonal and completely free. Can't beat that.

posted by: Debra on 1.21.2014

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