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Ice Sun Catchers

Ice Sun Catchers
Messiness: Low

Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Stephanie Sims
167 Projects
Sun catchers always bring a smile to our faces... these lovely ones are made from bits of nature, and are so beautiful hanging outside windows and from trees in our winter garden!

How We Did It

Ice Sun Catchers
We've used disposable plates in the past to make these sun catchers, but this time we tried using our plastic bowls, and that worked alright, too!
Ice Sun Catchers
Into the garden we went. Even though it had already snowed, there were still plenty of beautiful colors to be found.
Ice Sun Catchers
After we had toured the gardens and collected pretty things, we sat at the table, and the children poured about an inch or so of water in their bowls.
Ice Sun Catchers
They arranged their bits just so, then cut a few inches of ribbon,
Ice Sun Catchers
and set the ribbon at the edge, so that the sun catchers could hang after they were frozen.
Ice Sun Catchers
We placed our bowls in our freezer, as they weren't going to freeze outside on the patio table this day! When they were frozen, we just tugged at the edges of the bowl, and the ice popped right out of the bowl.
Ice Sun Catchers
So merry and bright!


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Gorgeous! I must try this! :)

posted by: Heather on 1.5.2014

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