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Jewel Pendants

Jewel Pendants
Messiness: Low
Age Range: 3y - 7y
Estimated Time: 2+ hours

Activity Designer

Nicole Duggan
159 Projects
Let your creativity shine when you wear your very own jeweled pendant!

How We Did It

Jewel Pendants
Cut a shape out of thick cardboard box. Punch a hole in it. We used glitter glue because of its color, but you could also paint your cardboard shape (let it dry) and then use regular, clear drying glue over top of it. If you don't have craft jewels on hand you can also use beads or anything sparkly.
Jewel Pendants
Cover your shape with glitter glue (or paint your cardboard, let it dry, and then cover it with regular glue). It is best to put a thick layer of glue over the entire shape and then stick the jewels on instead of one dot of glue and one jewel at a time.
Jewel Pendants
Set and push each jewel (or bead) into the glue.
Jewel Pendants
Arrange the rest of your jewels. This part is a little messy, but the most fun.
Jewel Pendants
Let your pendant dry completely (over night). We let ours dry on a paper plate. Every few hours, lift the pendant off of the plate so it doesn't glue itself to it. Your pendent may not lay flat right away, but as the glue dries it is heavier and should dry flat. Lace a piece of string or ribbon through the hole of the pendant and wear your sparkly art!


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