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Mess-Free Egg Decorating

Mess-Free Egg Decorating
Messiness: Low
Age Range: 3y - 7y
Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Ryan Pilat
25 Projects
Avoid the splashy mess of egg dyeing and try these mess-free decorating techniques to create colorful Easter eggs.

How We Did It

Mess-Free Egg Decorating
Gather your materials.
Mess-Free Egg Decorating
One super easy method is using washi tape to decorate the eggs.  Try tearing shorter and longer pieces of tape to create different designs.
Mess-Free Egg Decorating
To get extra crafty, try combining the washi tape with the watercolor crayons.  To start, make some basic designs with the washi tape and keep some white space blank.
Mess-Free Egg Decorating
Using the watercolor crayons, decorate the remaining white space on the eggs.
Mess-Free Egg Decorating
Try applying some water on your drawing to watch the colors blend together.  Allow the eggs to dry.
Mess-Free Egg Decorating
When the eggs are dry, peel off the washi tape to see the fun patterns!
Mess-Free Egg Decorating
Lastly, you can use the watercolor crayons on their own to decorate the eggs.  Blend the colors with a little bit of water.  The combinations are endless and oh-so-simple.




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