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Mini-Marshmallow Snowman

Mini-Marshmallow Snowman
Messiness: Low
Age Range: 2y - 9y
Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Kathy Zagorski
75 Projects
Snowy treats can be fun to eat! It recently snowed where we live but it melted before we could go out and make a snowman. So, I brought the snowman inside for my daughter with this fun snack!

How We Did It

Mini-Marshmallow Snowman
We began by laying down a cutting board for a surface for my daughter to build her snowman. I told her to make a small circle with the mini-marshmallows.
Mini-Marshmallow Snowman
Next, she added a slightly larger circle for the belly and then a big circle for the bottom of the snowman. She had fun counting out and placing the marshmallows.
Mini-Marshmallow Snowman
Next, she put down chocolate chips for the buttons, eyes, and mouth. A few might have made it into her mouth too! ;)
Mini-Marshmallow Snowman
We used an orange slice for the nose. My daughter thought he looked so cute... and good enough to eat!
Mini-Marshmallow Snowman
After waiting very patiently, she was finally able to dig in! Happy Winter!


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We made something like this except we glued the marshmallows down so we could see our snowmen all season :)

posted by: Abigail Claire on 1.8.2013

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