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Paper Purse

Paper Purse
Messiness: Low
Age Range: 3y - 6y
Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Jen Hansard
42 Projects
My daughter is obsessed with accessories. She loves any kind of bag or purse that she can fill with her treasures. With this simple craft, your child can create their own designer purse!

How We Did It

Paper Purse
We gathered some pretty paper that we had in our craft closet and some yarn. The paper we used was 12in by 12in, which makes a nice purse when folded. However feel free to experiment with different sizes as you accessorize!
Paper Purse
Next we folded the paper in half.
Paper Purse
Then we hole punched each of the sides with three holes.
Paper Purse
Next we cut a piece of yarn and tied it to one of the holes along the bottom edge of the purse.
Paper Purse

We threaded the yarn through the holes, making sure that we had enough for the shoulder strap. Then we tied the yarn off on the other side of the purse.

Paper Purse
I really enjoyed this craft because you can create a purse for each of the kids ever changing personalities. You could even use blank paper and draw or write things on your purse. Explore the exciting possibilities of creating your very own paper purse!


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