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Papier Mache Trick-or-Treat Basket

Papier Mache Trick-or-Treat Basket
Messiness: Medium
Age Range: 4y - 9y
Estimated Time: 2+ hours

Activity Designer

Jen Hansard
42 Projects

Every year, I grab shopping bags or pillowcases to use for last-minute trick or treating bags. Well this year, my son decided to up it a notch by making his own papier mache trick-or-treat basket.

This eco-friendly alternative to plastic buckets is fun to make, especially since kids get to be a part of the entire creation process.

How We Did It

Papier Mache Trick-or-Treat Basket
This project has quite a few supplies, but I love how they are all basic things we have around the house. So the cost for the project is actually very low.
Papier Mache Trick-or-Treat Basket

To start, my son tore newspaper into small pieces. (He loves this step!) He washed his hands afterwards because ink would have gotten everywhere otherwise.

While he worked on this task, I blew up a balloon and hung it upside down off the chandelier (to make the papier mache process easier).

Papier Mache Trick-or-Treat Basket

He squeezed half a bottle of glue into a bowl and thinned it out with 1/4 cup of water. 

Papier Mache Trick-or-Treat Basket

He dropped small squares of newspaper into the glue and gently placed the paper on the balloon. He slightly overlapped the paper. (This will give the paper a stronger bond, once the paper dries.)

My son didn't cover the top of the balloon (because that's where the candy will go!) -- but if you have very young kids, you may want to enclose most of the balloon and just leave a little hole for the candy. This will save you some spills throughout the night.

Papier Mache Trick-or-Treat Basket

He added on about three or four layers of newspaper on the balloon, making sure each layer dried in-between coats. (We used a blow dryer to speed up the process.) 

Papier Mache Trick-or-Treat Basket

Once the newspaper completely dried, my son popped the balloon. (He loved this part, too.) He then trimmed the opening so that it had a smooth, clean edge.

Papier Mache Trick-or-Treat Basket

He painted his treat-or-treat bag orange, like a pumpkin -- but of course the creative possibilities are endless. (Does your princess want a pink purse? Does your honeybee want a honey pot?)

Papier Mache Trick-or-Treat Basket

Once the paint dried, he tied a string to both sides of the basket. And then my little pirate was all set for trick-or-treating!


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love it!!

posted by: Lars on 10.11.2012

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