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Play-Doh Smash Game

Play-Doh Smash Game
Messiness: Low
Age Range: 2y - 6y
Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Nicole Duggan
159 Projects

Play-Doh Smash combines the fun of Play-Doh and learning to count in one exciting game!

How We Did It

Play-Doh Smash Game
Let your kid make balls of play dough. (What kid doesn't love doing this?!)
Play-Doh Smash Game

Roll the dice to see how many balls you get to smash. (For younger kids, you can take out the dice part of the game.) Using a play hammer or your hand, have fun smashing spheres as you count.

Play-Doh Smash Game

Other Variations:
*Put 6 spheres in a row. Roll the die. If you roll a 2, smash the 2nd one in line. If you roll a 5, smash the 5th one in line.
*Use different colors of Play-Doh. If you roll a 1, smash the red. If you roll a 2, smash the green, etc.
*What other tools can you use to smash the spheres? A rolling pin? The top of the Play-Doh container? A spoon?

Play-Doh Smash Game

This game will be a hit with all of your kids; see who can smash the most spheres!


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