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Play Dough Mr. Potato Head

Play Dough Mr. Potato Head
Messiness: Medium
Age Range: 2y - 5y
Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Christen Hanson
11 Projects

This post is inspired by B's co-op preschool teacher who put out Mr. Potato Head pieces at the play dough table. When B's preschool teacher said that her high school-aged children still played blocks and play dough with her elementary-aged child, I immediately went out and purchased blocks and learned to make play dough. B loves to create "creatures" out of these materials and I do too! All you need is a ball of play dough (purchased or made) and a Mr. Potato Head.

How We Did It

Play Dough Mr. Potato Head

B likes to empty the potato of all its pieces before starting his work. Depending on your child, you can take the plastic potato away or leave it out. I take it away because B likes to store play dough inside.

Play Dough Mr. Potato Head
B unexpectedly smashes the play dough lump.
Play Dough Mr. Potato Head

Once the dough is sufficiently sculpted to his liking, he adds eyes, a mouth, and a nose.

Play Dough Mr. Potato Head
B asks me to roll a ball, and he puts on shoes, adds arms, eyes and a set of mustache eyebrows.
Play Dough Mr. Potato Head

Here is his final creature. I think it's cute.

Play Dough Mr. Potato Head

Ultimately this becomes a game of smash the creature or "where's the nose?" where he hides pieces in the dough and finds them.

Play Dough Mr. Potato Head
To clean up, B helps by putting all the used Mr. Potato Head pieces into a container of warm soapy water.


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