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Shopping on a Budget

Shopping on a Budget
Messiness: Low
Age Range: 3y - 9y
Estimated Time: <1 hour

Activity Designer

Lara Housser
55 Projects

What You'll Need

  • paper (large; to make your budget "pie")
  • markers
  • paper (small; to make your budget categories)
  • props (to represent your budget categories, in case you don't have readers)

How We Did It

Shopping on a Budget
The kids and I created a pie chart, and filled each slice with a category as well as a prop. (For example, a Lego Man to represent toys.) We also printed out some pretend money.

Harry (age 6.5), Sophie (age 4.5) and I started out by reviewing the different things we might spend money on.  Clothes, food and toys were naturals.  I added “Give” and “Save”, and we talked about what each of those meant.

Sophie was eager to share her definition of “save”: “it’s like putting your money in a safe place, like high on a shelf or locked up in a bank, where a robber (or your brother) can’t get it.”  It took a little more prodding, and some explanation from her older brother, to get across the idea of Save, in contrast to Spend.
Shopping on a Budget
The kids were excited to take turns placing their money on the pie.  I asked each one how they thought about where they put their money.  “What might happen if you spent all your money on toys?”  “You & Dad would have to buy our food!”  “But if we spend all our money on toys, there wouldn’t be any left.”  “OH.”
Shopping on a Budget

This was a really fun little exercise for all of us, and an activity that I think they will remember – in case I need to remind them on our next trip to Target!

I was also encouraged by their openness to the idea of Saving and Giving, and love the idea of creating 3 jars – Save, Give, Spend – to help them think about this more often. (I got some cute tag printables from Good Gravy Designs.)


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