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Simple Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Simple Pipe Cleaner Flowers
Messiness: Low
Age Range: 4y - 9y
Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Nicole Duggan
159 Projects

Make a beautiful bouquet of flowers from pipe cleaners to give as a gift, decorate for Spring, or to use while playing.

How We Did It

Simple Pipe Cleaner Flowers
Gather 6 pipe cleaners into a bundle and put them in the middle of a green pipe cleaner. Twist the green pipe cleaner closed. Continue to twist the green pipe cleaner to make it a stem.
Simple Pipe Cleaner Flowers
Bend each pipe cleaner in toward the middle. She had fun bending all of the pieces to design her flower, but she got frustrated so I think this craft is ideal for older children (4 years old+).
Simple Pipe Cleaner Flowers
When all of the pieces are bent toward the middle, wrap the last piece around the stem to secure the ends. That's it! Your flower is complete.
Simple Pipe Cleaner Flowers
Get creative and have fun making a few flowers. Wrap a pipe cleaner around all of the stems to secure them into a bouquet. These flowers have come in handy when she has a pretend wedding or plays store. They would also make a beautiful gift for Mom or Grandma!


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This will make a great bouquet for our kitchen table! DD will love making them, they shouldn't take so long that they will become boring, and I don't have to spend even more money on the table for everyday meals. Winning all around.

posted by: Pamela on 4.1.2013

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