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Spray Bottle & Watercolor

Spray Bottle & Watercolor
Messiness: High
Age Range: 2y - 9y
Estimated Time: 1-2 hours

Activity Designer

Yael Valek
21 Projects

We've written about the joys of spray bottles on a summer day, and about painting with Koolaid. I decided to try to combine these two activities to see if it doubled the fun.

How We Did It

Spray Bottle & Watercolor

First we mixed Kool-Aid--you can use any liquid watercolor with water in a spray bottle. Kool-Aid can stain, so if your child might aim somewhere other than the paper, make sure to get a washable paint!

Spray Bottle & Watercolor

We had leftover paper blinds, so I put one in the backyard and let my son go to town.

Spray Bottle & Watercolor

Let's see if it does something different if I spray really close-- Yes! The drops are bigger.

Spray Bottle & Watercolor

The resulting grins made the Kool-Aid sprayed on my legs worthwhile.

Spray Bottle & Watercolor
Our final Jackson Pollack results:
Spray Bottle & Watercolor

We let our art dry outside all afternoon, and by evening we could bring it inside to hang on the wall. My son realized it's fun to smell your art.


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