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Stamped Rock Words

Stamped Rock Words
Stamped Rock Words
Messiness: Low
Age Range: 3y - 7y
Estimated Time: <1 hour

Activity Designer

Melissa Allen
400 Projects
These letter rocks are another way to bring literacy into the home in a fun way. This can become a letter game or a way to leave messages to family members. I like to put them out for the kids during dinner prep. They spell out different foods I am using while I cook, they love it!

How We Did It

Stamped Rock Words

Children can help stamp the rocks or this craft can be made as a special gift for them. A light-colored ink seemed to work best on the rocks.

Stamped Rock Words
They need about 30 minutes to dry before they can be played with.
Stamped Rock Words
I stamped all the letters and made several for the vowels and other more commonly used letters.
Stamped Rock Words

Once they were dry, both my kids had a lot of fun spelling out words for me and each other.


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