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Stamping with Food

Stamping with Food
Messiness: Medium

Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Patty Bugarin
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For a fun and silly twist on stamping, turn everyday ingredients like potatoes, celery and peppers into homemade stamps!

What You'll Need

How We Did It

Stamping with Food

Gather your materials and protect your workspace with newspapers or a brown paper bag! Ask a grownup to help with the cutting below.

Stamping with Food

To make a potato stamp, cut one potato in half. Draw a design on the surface of the potato with a marker. Cut around the shape with a kitchen knife, leaving the design  so it is raised on the surface of the potato. Press it onto the stamp pad, then onto the paper.

Stamping with Food

To make a bell pepper stamp, ask an adult to cut one bell pepper in half. Then, press the bell pepper half onto the stamp pad and then on the paper. What does it look like?

Stamping with Food

Finally, to make a celery stamp, cut the stalks off a bunch of celery, leaving the base intact. Press the celery stamp onto the stamp pad and then onto the paper. Does this remind you of anything? What else can you turn into a stamp?


food stamping


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