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Starfish Friend

Starfish Friend
Messiness: High
Age Range: 3y - 9y
Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Melissa Allen
400 Projects

Who doesn't love a starfish? We made this adorable little guy with clay and colored sand. I never knew colored sand would be so exciting to the kids. I think it's a new favorite material in our house.

What You'll Need

How We Did It

Starfish Friend
Air dry clay can be a bit hard. Little ones may need it softened a bit before they can work with it.
Starfish Friend

Once I worked the clay, the kids used a rolling pin to flatten it out and then cut a star shape with our large cookie cutter.

Starfish Friend
Once we had our shape they pressed the eyes and sand right into the clay. If the sand is not sticking well to your clay you can brush the clay with just a little water.
Starfish Friend
Once our star fish was covered with sand we set it on top of a ball of newspaper to dry. This way it would dry with the curled look of a real star fish.
Starfish Friend
He's pretty cute! We want to make a lot more in all different colors.


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Love this!!!

posted by: Pb on 7.11.2013

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this is so cute!

posted by: Rachel on 7.5.2013

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